About Betty

The true beginnings of Betty came in summer 2009 when I knew that all I wanted to do as a designer was to create something irresistibly cute that no young lady could resist. While in college, I put my ideas into fruition and by 2010 Oh Betty Design Studios was established.

Although I can offer a wide range of design styles, Oh Betty is really an acquired taste for a certain kind of people– and by certain kind, I mean anyone with sass, style, and who's willing to have fun with their designs.

The Creator

Christina Dominguez is the creator of Oh Betty Design Studios. After several years attending The Art Institute of California, she earned her Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design. Her true passion is illustration. When she's not busy working as a professional in the industry, you will find her laughing for no particular reason, shopping for unnecessary items at Target, eating or drinking anything Taro, and enjoying life with her beau ♥.


Oh My Lolliecakes! Client Review

"When it came time to seek out a designer to help bring my vision to life, choosing Christina Dominguez was the only choice! I love "Betty", then came "Betty's Ball", and who could resist those sassy ladies? Christina took my ideas and gave me exactly what I envisioned in my head. She is professional, time conscious, creative and sharp. She is also not a "yes girl", and by that I mean she told me what she thought of certain ideas I had, and the reason why it would or wouldn't work. I respect that. I don't want a designer to just agree with me because they're getting paid, I want them to give me what I'm paying for: design guidance and a professional opinion. And that's exactly what I got, along with an awesome logo that everyone loves, almost as much as I do!"

~Lolliecakes Owner, Melody

A huge thanks to Lolliecakes for giving me the opportunity to work with them! To find out more about Lollie and her deliciously cute custom cake pops, visit her FaceBook page at facebook.com/ohmylolliecakes!


For general inquiries, purchases, or work opportunities, please feel free to contact Christina via email at:



Betty's Ball is the first collection that Christina has introduced. This set of illustrations includes the sassiest ladies - from royalty to the enchantingly nasty.

Click here to view the complete collection.


Oh Betty Design Studios is getting ready to set up shop at Etsy.com. For the latest news on when posters will be available for purchase, become a fan on...

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